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the ravens.. rush the raiders. what anquan boldin dii when a raiders defender got in his face. and... know your flu long it takessfor the vaccine to actually protect you from the viius... and four other flu facts yyu need to now. 3 3 3 monday, november 12th. 3
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3 a full year after a horrible fire burns down aasoccal landmark.. the mount
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just like the owners promiied. back wws nottan easy one. joel d. smmth is live theee now to show us the toughest part of rebuilding. good morning joel d. d. 33
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3 a brawl at a baltimore county flea market sendssone man to the happened afternoon at the north point flea markkt in dundalk.police
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ssa two groups of people sttrted ffghting... anddone man ended up gettiig hit in the head with a rruberrmallet. the victim is expected o be o- &poffiiers won't confirm or ddn rumors that the incident was thh lawyer for a maryland man imprisonee in cuba says hiss client is suffering what amounns to torture.alan gross' lawyer sent a six-page letter to the u-n's anti-torture &pbeing denied certain meddcal 3 anti-torture treaty signed by cuba more ttan a decade ago. the 63-year--ld has lost more than 100 pounds while in prison and has deeeloped a mass behind his right shoulder. cuban doctors tessed it... but an american doctorrwho reviewed thh case said the tests wwre iiadequate.gross has beennin prison in cuba for bringing restricted .. after thh country. equiiment to leaders innwashiigton are trying to figure out who knew david petraeus' sudden depaature from tte c-i-a.annd
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as andew spencer tells us ... thhy're also trying to next.mine what happens next. --reeorter pkg-as folloos -- general david petraeus' sudden resignation from the central intelligence agency leaves he had n extra-marital affair. a journalist who hassspeet this was shocking to her."i don't knnw of anyone who such a traight shooter, a 's - cornball really, a veey decent paula broadwell... a married mother of two.she wrooe a biography of petreaus entitled "all in.""this project started 3 aa my dissertation three years pgo."sources say the fbi had been investtgating broadwell for allegedly sending woman, who waa ccose to ther - petraeus.lawmmkers, ike senate intelligence committee
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ccairwwman ddanne feinstein, says they should have known about the, she plans to invessigate the fbi."i -- that couud hhve had an ey - effect on national security. &pi think we should have been told."meanwhile, a spokesman &pfor house majority leader pric cantor's says cantor talkkd to thhefbi lasttmonth about the general's affair.all of his comes at a criticaa time in washington.closed hearings n the deadly consulate attack in benghazi, libya start this week.petraeus was supposed to testify, but now the agency's interim direetor, miihael morell, will speak in his lace.i'm andrew spencer reporting. p uus official says petrraus &pwasn'ttthe tarret of the yearrbefore his nomination, he most well-known and popular military leader since colin powell. tto people are dead after an explosion in an indianapolis neighborhood late saturday nigh. anddflames juut pouring out off
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the homes. the fire departmeet thinks abouu three dozen homes werr affeeted by the blast due the sheer force weee taken to a shelter at a local elementary school. 14-17"just prry for these families. prayyfor all of our neighborhooddfamilies." &pfamilies."38--7 "a lot of it looks ike a tornado. but it's not a pattern, it's all blown a couule of the older guys said it looks like a war zone." &pzone."at llast seven people were transported to the hospitaa witt varying degrees of injuries. the gas company is working with both departments toodetermiin the cause. some white-out conditions... for folks in north dakota.over thh weekend... a storm dumped roughly 8-incces on bismarck. accidents... ostly fender benders.they're urging people they are cleared. people across the easstcoast are still piccing up the pieces... two weeks after super ssorm sandy. sanny.after toughing out thee storm and theeffllowing without power.ii new jersee
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alone.. more than 175 thousand households are stiil in the promising they won'' stop until power is essoreddtt all households. life will be back for most of pew jersey to normal come sunday. what do i mean by that?? let's start off with power, we backtracked slightly in our efforts to restore &pppwer due to the nor'easter, buu after talking to thee utilities last night and again this morning, my beelef is we will have almost 00 pprcent restoration by saturday nnght. in a press confeeence saturday, the long island getting residents back onliie is the utility'' top priorityy 99 percent of customers will paveepower restored by tomorrow. 3&&pvictims of super storm sand get a helping hand and a hot meal... from heir friends down outh. over the weekend... a group from new orleans served up thousands of meals... including jambalaya... to first by the storm. volunteers say their city got help after
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katrina... and now they''e payinn it forwaadd "the main reason e're here is bbcauue we knew how peoole came to new orleens nd a lot of that was new york firefighters. it was a big impact with that. they came and elpee their fellow firrfighterr, helped feed us and do things so as soon as we had the opportuniiy to come up, we jumped on the truckk cameeup and starred cooking jam" jambalaya."sandy is ressonsible for at least nnw yook city alone... 43 in - 33&across the country... people are paying tributt to u-s serviceemembers.on sunday... president obama spoke during aa ceremony at arlington national cemetery.... n honor of veterans day. bagpipes playing playingmilitary veteeans... livinggand dead... were honorrd and remembered for serving their country. president obama laid a wreath in a solemn ceremony.knowns... &p45-110 "today a ppoud nation express ur ratitude. but we do so mindful that no ceremony or paraae no hug or hand shakee is enough to trulyyhonor that service forr
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of that we must do mmre. for and everyday to serving you as well as you serveddus." the preeident also met with mmliiary families in sectton 66 of the cemetery... where vettrrns of the most recent wars in iraq and afghanistan are laii to rest. here in maryland... officials will gather at a ceremonn today... honnring veterans in baltimore.lieutenant goverror anthony brown and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake are amoog those scheduled to attenddthe ceremony will be hell in the war memorial plazaa at 9 a-m... following the annual veterans march. 3 the ravens improve to 7-and- performance over the oakland a. raiders.the ravens led 27-10 the third quarter beean, they widened that lead... as joe
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flacco hit torrey smith witt a 47 yard scoring pass... raaenn worse or the raaders from there.4th quarter....keep your eye on returner jacooy jooes. he finds room and goes 105 &yar the ravens set team record for oints onntheir ay tooa convincing 55-20 victory. 3 thh ravens are 3 3 the ravens are now preparing to head to pittsburgh or a rpime-time mmtch up against 3&&pcoming up on the &pearly edition... know the fac
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and fiction... surrounding the . flu.the quick quiz to ttst your smarts. ,3 ((break 1)) 3
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3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))
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3 sttll to come... giving paaents a jump start... on theer black friday shopping. shopping.the earlyyopeningg &ptoys-r-us has planned. pruusing up... on your flu facts.the truth about tte ((break 2)) hey, look! a s make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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on any new volkswagen. flu season is here. it's something we hear every year in the fall. but ow much do you árrallyá know about the virus? susan hendricks tests your "flu i-qq" q." after geettng your flu shot, did you know it ttkes aboot two weeks to develop an immunity?it's true. you can test your knowledge on moree flu facts by taking this quiz. the flu isn't serious.that'' complications sscondary from phe flu which could manifest as a bacterial infection, pneumonias, bronchitis'ss stuff like that. flu viruses are contagious.that's true.if yyu come in contact with have about three or four days - of incubation before you have it, so you more than llkkly will sneeze or wipe something or touuh something and spread it, and that's how it kind of goes like a wildfire.if you do
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trre.once you have the flu, . you're pretty much, yoo have the lu. and it's pretty much,, yoo're body's going to ride itseef out until it overromes the flu virus. so to treat it sympttmatically, if you have a cough, you can of course use pver-tte-counter cough medicines. youucan protect yourself against the flu.true. alternative tootheeshots.and including whicc type of vaccine is suitable or you, go to flu-dot-goo.for today'ss heaath minute, i'mmsusan a toxic drug... is ow being credited with fighting the flu. taiwan... ámethá is proven to pight the doctor weakens the heart... bbt .. researchers say tte ssudy may help find saae compounds for the futtre. straight ahead... the i-phone... getssbeat. bbat.the top-selling smart-phone currently on the market.
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try a steak, egg white & cheese, tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh. the market right now... is ánotá the iphone.alison kosik has mooe thhs mmrning... from the new york stock exchange. exchaage. samsung's galaxy s-3 is thh new king of the smarthones... for now.strategy analytics, a market research firm, says he device was the top-sellingg smartphone in the ttird quaater... with apple's i- ppone 44s cooing in second.but it wws a close's how it playyd sold 18-million galaxy s-3 phonns betwwen jull and september. apple sold about 16-milliin 4-s i-phones.but tte galaxy may have won on a third quarter because thhy eld - were waiting for the newest model, the i-phone 5.because pf that, the galaxy's reign will likely e short-lived. strategy analytics exppcts he i-phone 5 to overtake the
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galaxy s-3 in the fourth quartee... puuting apple acc on top.the earlyynumberr on the i-phone 5 seem to back up that forecast.the neeeet opening, with 5-million sold but iffapple wants to stay on top, it willlhave to keep itss game face on...aater all, the i-phone has a 13-percent smartphone market share, which is good, but competition is increasing.... including the updated galaxy,, possibly commng out next year.i'm alison kosik in new york. toys-r-us is adding its name stores... opening to shoppers ábeforrá black friday. friday.people will bb able to get into the store starting at 8 p-m on thanksgiving day. laat year.k-mart and walmart pre among the other sttres to open to shoppers onnd plans - thanksgiving day. 3&coming up... a well-knnwn pieee of ffahion... goes up foo auction. auctioo..he big bucks brooggt pn by dorothy's iconiccblue dress... from the wizard of oz.
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